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About FillMeUp

http://cjni.com/tag/social-media-analytics/ FillMeUp is a Twin Cities-based family owned organization that values our employees and customers and treats each one as we would like to be treated. We have extensive experience in the retail, hospitality and technology sectors.

We are partnering with – United Farmers Express to provide first class grade fuel. Our fill-up is like a tune-up.

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Our Mission

To provide a superior customer experience in our communities across Minnesota.

To provide our employees with the best tools and training to provide that superior customer experience.

To be a leading supporter in the communities that we live and work in.

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Our promises

Through the years we have attributed our success because of our commitment to our employees and their commitment to our customers and communities. Our stores need to be at the heart of the community where you can pop in for all your fuel and food at competitive prices.

Everyone is welcome to sit in our stores and enjoy the wide range of hot and cold food and drinks – you will be greeted with a smile as you walk into the store.